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LANDES-BENSON-PARKINS, PC Architects-Engineers

Landes-Benson-Parkins, PC offers complete architectural design service. These services include site planning, architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and interior design. We also offer our expertise in feasibility studies, site evaluation, energy conservation studies, safety inspections, cost estimating, as well as field inspection of building projects. Normally all portions of a project are coordinated by personnel in our office with consulting firms being employed by us for mechanical and electrical systems.

Although LBP provides only design services and does not perform building construction, we have an association with Total Building Solutions for "Design-Build" projects. We have also worked with construction managers - and on negotiated projects, as well as projects employing traditional competitive bidding procedures. Designs prepared are unbiased to ensure the client receives optimum performance and economy.

Landes-Benson-Parkins always strives to provide functional, efficient, and aesthetic building design complimented with accurate and detailed drawings, always keeping the best interests of the client in mind.

Landes-Benson-Parkins has experience on a wide range of projects including the design of industrial, commercial, institutional, educational, religious, municipal, and recreational facilities. While many of the projects were entirely new construction, a large number were additions to, or renovations of existing facilities.

We believe that our widely diversified experience will enable us to serve you well, regardless of the type of building program you are contemplating.




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