LANDES-BENSON-PARKINS, PC Architects-Engineers

Project Phases

I. Planning.

A. Programming and Feasibility.

Analyze Clients Needs / Functional Relationships / Program Goals and Alternatives / Project Delivery Method

One of the first steps in any project is to analyze the client's needs and/or present facilities and operations to determine where they fail to meet those needs. Landes-Benson-Parkins can assist the client in determining the relationships of the functions which will be performed in the new facility and the size of the spaces which will house those functions. Once the program goals are established, Landes·Benson·Parkins can assist the client with decisions regarding the scope of the project by providing projected cost and feasibility studies for the various alternatives which may include renovation, addition, or new facility.

At this time, LBP can assist the client in determining which method of project delivery method - Traditional Bid Process, Design/Build, Construction Management, or Partnering - will best serve the client's needs.

B. Site Selection and Planning.

Site Evaluation / Vehicular and Pedestrian Flow / Land Use Study

Landes-Benson-Parkins will evaluate selected sites with regard to zoning, vehicular and pedestrian traffic, topography, utilities, and soil conditions; and assist the client in choosing the appropriate site for the planned facility. Site plans will then be prepared showing the building with the driveways, parking lots, service access, utilities, etc. to determine the best land utilization.

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