LANDES-BENSON-PARKINS, PC Architects-Engineers

Project Phases

II. Design.

A. Schematic Design and Development.

Review Programming and Alternate Building System / Develop and Refine Design / Analyze and Select Mechanical Systems

During the Schematic Design Phase, decisions made during the Programming and Site Planning Phases are reviewed. Landes-Benson-Parkins will then prepare Schematic Design plans with alternate construction methods for the project along with cost comparisons for each of the alternatives. These alternatives are then reviewed with the client to ensure that the project will meet all requirements.

Landes-Benson-Parkins will continue to work to develop and refine the schematic design to fix and describe the architectural, mechanical, and electrical systems of the project. Various building systems will be reviewed with the client to ensure the proper selection is made. Selection will be based not only upon budget, but also energy efficiency life cycle cost. The cost estimate will be updated during the Design Development Phase.

B. Construction Documents and Bidding.

Prepare Drawings and Specifications / Submit Documents for Approvals / Selection of Bidders / Receive and Evaluate Bids / Prepare Contracts

The next step of the project is the preparation of Bid Documents consisting of the Drawings and Specifications which set forth in detail the requirements for the construction of the project. LBP has a reputation for providing thoroughly prepared Bid Documents. For the contractor, this means knowing exactly what is required to complete the project. For the client, it means receiving highly competitive bids because hidden cost and the contingency amount to cover cost is minimized.

Landes-Benson-Parkins will also assist the client in selecting a list of bidders, distribute the Bid Documents, and evaluate the proposals that are received from the bidders. We will also assist the client with filing documents required for the approval of any governmental agencies having jurisdiction over the project.

After the bids have been evaluated and a selection made, LBP will prepare the contract between the client and the successful bidder.

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